From Body Care Lover to Founder

From Body Care Lover to Founder

Hey there, lovely readers!

I'm super excited to finally share with you the journey behind the creation of my very own body care brand.

I basically grew up in a house full of product lovers—my mom and sisters were all about self-care. So, it's no surprise that taking care of my skin became a big deal for me too.

As I got older, I started looking closer at the stuff I was putting on my skin. I mean, there were so many products out there, but I couldn't shake this feeling that some of them just weren't doing the trick. So, I went down the rabbit hole of researching ingredients.

Turns out, a bunch of the stuff we've been using isn't as great as we thought. Armed with this newfound info and a determination to make a change, I went on a hunt for a manufacturer who got where I was coming from.

After some digging, I found the one! They were all for making vegan, cruelty-free, and science-backed formulas—exactly what I was looking for!

And that's how Delight came to be. It's my baby, born from a desire to create products I could stand behind. Every formula is carefully thought out to not just make you look good, but feel good too.

So here's to chasing dreams, doing what you love, and making stuff you're proud of. Cheers to that!

From our Founder,
Lexi Johnson 
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