Our Story

Meet Our Founder

Hi everyone! My name is Alexandria “Lexi”. I'm 24 years old, from Arizona! I am the creator and founder of Delight Body Care!

My love for body care started at a young age! Growing up surrounded by sisters and a mother who were all passionate about self care and beauty products, I naturally adopted their routines and interests at a young age. As I grew up, this love for body care eventually became a staple part of my daily routine.

What Inspired You to Start A Business?

Starting a company became a natural progression for me as I grew older and became increasingly conscious of what I was applying to my skin. I've always been passionate about clean body care products, but I noticed that they often came with a hefty price tag. This realization fueled my desire to develop products that boast high-performance, clean ingredients, while remaining affordable and accessible to everyone. By starting this company, I aim to bridge the gap between quality and affordability, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of premium body care without breaking the bank.

Why Body Care?

Body care has always been an essential part of my self-care routine, I love the ritual and commitment of it. Upon graduating, I dove into establishing the company's values and researched to find a manufacture that aligned with my goals and ethics. My love for body care led me to create Delight, a platform to share my passion for self-care and cultivate rituals around our products, which consistently promote hydrated and healthy skin.